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Track, measure, and improve the performance of your revenue strategy with conversational analytics. Try early access today and start optimizing results with Thumb.

thumb conversational analytics


Scale growth faster

Accelerate revenue growth with Thumb’s all-in-one platform.

Playbook View

Reduce missed opportunities. Coach agents and new hires faster with on-screen best practices.

Analytic Insights

Turn qualitative feedback into quantifiable metrics. Get insights about objections, pricing sentiment, and more with Thumb.

Call Log

Assess next steps faster. Recall sales interactions effectively with automated recordings, transcriptions, and summaries.

CRM Sync

Reduce time managing and qualifying leads. Sync important data from your customer conversations to your CRM in seconds.

Custom Tracking

Capture what your prospects say about your solutions or competitors with custom label and keyword tracking.

Team Feedback

Improve performance across all teams. Comment and share top tracks with reps to boost sales execution. Or sync data with other cross-functional teams to boost MQL and PLG.

Gain insights on product, competitors, and more!

Advanced data tracking

Track important information about your competitors, pricing plans, or features and use it to improve deal-closing rates or maximize up-sell opportunities.

Continuous monitoring & syncing

Compare metrics in the past months to improve strategy. Send top insights to CRM or other tools to accelerate processes.

Thumb Playbook

Improve revenue execution

Reduce performance gaps among reps. Onboard new hires faster with on-screen playbook assistance. Share top reps’ talk tracks with your team to boost underperforming agents.

Faster Onboarding
Performance Increase

Eliminate data silos

Save time on endless meetings and resources. Sync strategy and share key customer insights across all revenue teams with Thumb.

Increased data transparency

Reduce time and resources trying to access and manage data from multiple sources. View all customer-centric insights in one place.

Effective decision-making

Reduce costs and inefficiencies. Make better and more informed decisions with greater data access.

thumb conversational analytics

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Integrate Thumb with your tools

Sync Thumb with your calendar and conversation tools to allow call and chat log analysis.

Gain insights that sync with your CRM

Get recordings, transcriptions, summaries, and analytics of your conversations that sync with CRM to automate workflows.


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