Accelerate revenue growth with
actionable insights

Stay on top of all prospects and generate better deal closing strategies with conversational analytics. Get early access and start optimizing your sales playbook with Thumb.
Unleash faster revenue growth with
Thumb’s sales intelligence platform.
Playbook Optimization
Use your playbook in meetings and make changes to scripts or lead qualification checklists according to performance analysis.
Automated Meeting Notes
Say goodbye to note-taking. Stay fully engaged during your calls with auto transcriptions and highlights.
Strategic Insights
Turn qualitative feedback from customers into quantifiable metrics. Gain insights on objections, competitors, and more.
CRM Sync
Reduce time updating your CRM. Automatically sync all customer interactions with Thumb’s CRM integration.
Team Vocabulary
See what your prospects are saying about your product or your competitors with custom label and keyword tracking.
Cross-Functional Collaboration
Share valuable data across revenue operations to boost product-led growth.
Unlock your foolproof winning strategy
Surface the most effective selling techniques. Use Thumb’s Playbooks to start crafting your message and optimize scripts and objection handlings according to performance. In addition, onboard new hires faster with on-screen playbook assistance during meetings.
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Track all key moments from your sales conversations
Stay on top of all customer interactions. Invite Thumb’s meeting assistant to your calls and get automated summaries from your sales sessions synced with your CRM.
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Get insights that help you convert,
engage, and retain more customers

Learn what your customers think about your product and your competitors and use it to improve deal-closing rates or maximize up-sell opportunities. Analyze the sentiment behind your conversations and gain strategic insights about your customers’ pain points, objections, and more.
Align data across your organization and improve product-led growth
No more data silos among cross-functional teams. Share customers' pain points, pricing sentiment, or feature requests among revenue operations to increase closed-won opportunities.
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Analyze your conversations in depth with custom label tracking
Enhance your data analysis with Thumb’s customizable ML. Create a team vocabulary to track important contexts from your sales conversations and get more intricate and relevant data to your business.
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