Turn Conversational
Data Into Revenue Insights

Make sense of sales conversations and customer interactions using AI. Automate tasks and gain insights about your customers and solutions with Thumb.

Uncover Revenue Opportunities
From Customer-Facing Conversations

-> End Silos

Clear Pipeline View

Reduce time researching and piecing sales interactions together. Get the information needed in time with a full view of customer conversations.

Successful Handoffs

Review conversation history across accounts, reps, and other CRM filters. Share it with other revenue teams to ensure smoother customer handoffs.

-> Boost Productivity

Call Logs

Improve engagement during calls with accurate recordings and transcriptions. Analyze and review conversations faster with automated sales-focused summaries.

CRM Updates

Optimize time selling with effective CRM management. Ensure regular and consistent CRM reporting with automated field updates after every call.

-> Gain Insights

Market Trends

Identify how your customers feel about your competitors and your solutions with custom labels and sentiment analysis.

Strategy Performance

Pinpoint recurring objections, questions, keywords, and more throughout the sales cycle. Analyze root cause for a better understanding and strategic approach.

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