Conversation Library

Automatically record, transcribe, and summarize sales conversations with Thumb’s AI meeting assistant.

ai note taker

Review tone and script delivery

Assess customer reactions or sales approach during calls with audio playback.

Call Playback

Review rep's performance with audio playback. Listen to tone and script communication to boost execution.

Audio Speed

Go through calls efficiently with audio speed. Playback conversations faster to save time or slower to carefully examine context.


Check timestamps to review important moments during calls.


Recall conversations in depth

View the full context of customer-facing conversations with automated transcriptions.

Accurate Transcriptions

Capture customer conversations from start to finish. Understand context in depth with precise transcriptions.

Advanced Filters

Browse through conversations faster. Filter out transcripts by speaker, bookmarks, reaction labels and more.

Easy Search

Find what you’re looking for by typing specific keywords into the search bar.


Summarize meetings in seconds

Get automated recaps of your team’s customer interactions with Thumb.

General Outline

Capture the gist of customer interactions with easy-to-read outlines. Share it across teams or with relevant stakeholders to facilitate handoffs.

Sales Summary

Analyze rep competency faster with sales-focused summaries. Identify objections, questions, action items, and more with Thumb’s automated sales notes.

Notes Editor

Add additional context to summaries or outlines with bookmark labels and advanced text-editor features.

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