Playbook View

View scripts and track live progress during calls to optimize success.


View best practices during calls

Create playbooks on Thumb. View them during calls to improve sales performance.

Team Playbooks

Centralise best practices efficiently. Add your plays to Thumb to help your team ace customer-facing interactions.

Live View

Improve objection handling or lead qualification. View best practices on screen with Thumb to increase opportunities or improve SQL.


Track progress

Stay on top of scripts or discovery questions with bookmarks.

Discovery questions

Bookmark the questions you make during calls to qualify and score leads appropriately.


Reduce script overwhelming. Mark progress to not miss the flow of the conversation and sales strategy.


Capture and sync buyer's response

Collect and send key takeaways of your calls to CRM.

Capture customer response

Review key takeaways of your interactions with automated call summaries.

Update CRM in seconds

Understand the reason behind objections, pain points, and more to enhance objection handling.

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