Pipeline Activity

Track deals and identify trends across the sales cycle with Thumb.

Deal Activities

Monitor deal activities

Gain visibility into deal activities with Thumb’s deal benchmark page.

Open vs. Won vs. Lost

Analyze deals across all status. Filter deals by won, lost, or open to review details.

Conversation History

Review conversation history across accounts. Identify customer and rep communication with timeline view.

Warning & Risk Alerts

Receive alerts on deals at risk based on activity, next steps, close date, and stakeholders.

Pattern Analysis

Identify patterns across the sales cycle

Assess trends across accounts, opportunities, deal size, stage, reps, and more with pattern analysis.

Popular Keywords

View the keywords customers most mention throughout the sales cycle. Identify trends using advanced filters.

Conversation Signals

Trending objections, pain points, and more. What are your customers most concerned about? Identify key patterns with popular label analysis.

Average Metrics

Analyze win rate, average cycle length, number of meetings and emails sent, number of stakeholders involved and more with Thumb.


Summarize meetings in seconds

Get automated summaries of your interactions with Thumb.

Instant Recap

Reduce time summarizing calls. Sum up conversations instantly in with AI generated notes.

Added Context

Add more notes to your summaries. Bookmark other important meeting snippets to provide more context to your summarized conversations.

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