CRM Data Entry

Say goodbye to bad data hygiene. Ensure effective pipeline management with automated CRM field updates.

Call Notes Sync

Update call notes effortlessly

Sync key conversation data to CRM with a click of a button.

General Outline Sync

Ensure successful handoffs and clear pipeline visibility by syncing the general summary of each conversation to CRM.

Sales Summary Push

Stay ahead of important sales context by syncing the sales-focused summary of each conversation (with labels such as action items, objections, pain points and more) to CRM.

Custom Field Updates

Automate custom field entries

Reduce time qualifying leads and spend more time selling with auto field updates.

MEDDIC Checklist Automation

Qualify and score leads effectively. Sync the answers to your MEDDIC or BANT questions to CRM with Thumb. 

Custom Field Updates

Track additional business contexts by mapping Thumb's sales summary labels like pain points and action items to your custom CRM fields. Set fields to be updated automatically after calls.


Summarize meetings in seconds

Get automated summaries of your interactions with Thumb.

Instant Recap

Reduce time summarizing calls. Sum up conversations instantly in with AI generated notes.

Added Context

Add more notes to your summaries. Bookmark other important meeting snippets to provide more context to your summarized conversations.

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