Analytics Insights

Identify patterns in sales conversations. Gain insights about your customers and solutions with Thumb’s conversational analytics.

Data Sourcing

Analyze multiple conversation sources

Gain insights on video, audio and chat conversations with Thumb.


Analyze video conversations. Connect Thumb to your video conferencing tools to receive insights about prospects and customers.


Gain insights about in-person sales meetings. Import the audio files to Thumb to get in-depth analytics of your customer conversations.


Get a detailed report of your customer service operations. Track support chats using Thumb's Intercom integration to boost success.

Context Monitoring

Monitor different business contexts

Track sales-focused context and organization-specific insights with Thumb's labels and keywords.

Sales Labels

Track action items, objections, pain points, requests, questions, and more with Thumb’s sales labels.

Custom Labels

Monitor customer reactions to your organization’s solutions, specific features and competitors with custom keywords and custom labels.


Understand the what, why and how

Filter your conversations by sentiment or speaker to gain insights.

Sentimental Analysis

Distinguish positive from negative feedback. Monitor the sentiment of prospects and customers’ feedback to improve strategy and solutions.

Root Cause Analysis

Understand the reason behind objections, pain points, and more to enhance objection handling.

Advanced Filters

View analysis by rep, account, opportunity, and more with advanced filter options.

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