Analyse your conversations in depth and gain insights that help you scale growth.

Data Tracking

Track multiple conversational sources

Gain insights on audio, video, email, and chat conversations with Thumb.


Analyze video and audio conversations. Connect Thumb to your video conferencing tools to receive insights about prospects and customers.


Gain insights about your email interactions. Import emails to CRM and get in-depth analytics of your conversations with Thumb.


Get a detailed report of your customer service operations. Track support chats using Thumb's Intercom integration to boost success.


Stay on top of all business contexts

Label topics and keywords to track valuable data for your business.

Standard Labels

Track action items, objections, pain points, requests, questions, and more with Thumb’s standard analytic labels

Team Vocabulary

Identify important information about your competitors, product plans or features with custom filters and keyword tracking.


Understand the what, why and how

Filter your conversations by sentiment or speaker to gain insights.

Sentimental Analysis

Distinguish positive from negative feedback. Monitor the sentiment of prospects and customers’ feedback to improve strategy and solutions.

Root-cause Analysis

Understand the reason behind objections, pain points, and more to enhance objection handling.

Speaker identifier

Study how your team is making questions or presenting value props to improve performance. Or identify top questions customers to improve script deliverability.

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