Thumb For Sales Teams

Win more revenue with AI

Make sense of sales conversations and customer interactions with AI-powered automations and insights. Streamline tasks and gain insights about your customers and products with Thumb.

Meet Thumb

Your all-in-one AI sales assistant

Call Guidance

Ensure reps ace customer-facing conversations with on-screen script and play assistance during calls.

Conversation Library

Review interactions and monitor performance across reps with automated recordings, transcriptions, and summaries of sales calls.

Analytics Insights

Track trending objections, customer sentiment, and more with Thumb’s in-depth analytics filters.

CRM Field Updates

Streamline CRM management. Update CRM fields after every call with Thumb.

Team Vocabulary

Track contexts specific to your organization across customer conversations. Use Thumb’s custom labels and keywords to monitor context and gain insights.

Deal Benchmark

Identify patterns across closed won and closed lost. Receive alerts on deals at risk and trending themes across the sales cycle.

Task Automation

Automate non-selling tasks

Call Notes

Improve engagement during calls with automated recording, transcription, and summary outlines of each customer-facing conversation.

CRM Updates

Optimize time selling with effective CRM management. Ensure regular and consistent CRM reporting with automated field updates after every call.

Deal Benchmark

Monitor deal activities

Open vs. Won vs. Lost

Analyze deals across all status. Filter deals by won, lost, or open to review details and identify patterns.

Warning & Risk Alerts

Receive alerts on deals that are at risk based on activity, next steps, close date, and stakeholders.

Popular Keywords

View the keywords customers most mention throughout the sales cycle. Identify trends using advanced filters.

Skill Competency

Improve sales execution

Live Guidance

Onboard new hires faster. Add your enablement plays to Thumb and ensure new reps ace customer-facing conversations with live view of scripts and best practices during calls.

Sales Summary

Coach reps effectively. Analyze and review rep performance with automated sales-focused summaries.

Analytics Insights

Unlock strategic insights

Market Trends

Identify how customers feel about your solutions and your competitors with custom labels and sentiment analysis.

Enablement Performance

Monitor how well training programs are working with new reps. Understand recurring objections, questions, keywords, and more throughout time with Thumb’s root cause analysis.

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