Thumb For Product Teams

Streamline customer feedback analysis with AI

Make sense of customer feedback across different conversation channels using AI. Gain insights about your customers & products with Thumb's conversational analytics.

Meet Thumb

Your AI-powered customer feedback
analytics solution

Multi-Source Feedback

Save time researching feedback across different platforms. Let Thumb centralize your customer feedback sources in one place for better visibility and analysis.

Analytics Dashboard

Track trending feature requests, bugs, customer sentiment score and more with Thumb’s in-depth analytics filters.

Custom Insights

Understand customer reactions to products and new feature releases. Monitor specific feedback over time with Thumb’s custom labels.

Team Share

Close the loop on product feedback. Share learnings with your team and cross-functional departments on Slack to align product development strategy.

Chatbot Datasets

Improve customer satisfaction with effective product support. Use Thumb to filter out the top Q&A across different conversation topics to train your own chatbot.

Pilot Program

Understand the benefits before fully committing. Experience the full potential of Thumb's conversational analytics through a one-month guided pilot project.

Multi-source Feedback

Analyze customer feedback across different conversation sources

Customer Support Tickets

Reduce time analyzing support tickets & chat transcriptions. Use Thumb to gain automated insights about your product support conversations.

Q&A Forums

Identify trending questions across product lines and features with custom question-and-answer channel integrations.


Do you have your own user community? Streamline analysis of all customer questions and feedback posts with Thumb’s analytics insights.

detailed Context

Monitor reactions
across specific products and solutions

Product Bugs

Identify top bugs and crashes. Use Thumb to filter out customer feedback across multiple conversation sources and prioritize necessary product fixes.

Feature Requests

Improve user experience across all products and solutions. Pinpoint top customer feature requests to incorporate into your team’s roadmap.

in-depth analysis

Understand sentiment and root cause

Positive, Negative, and Neutral Feedback

Learn how your solutions are performing among users. Understand which features are receiving positive, negative, or neutral feedback with Thumb’s sentiment analysis.

Root Cause Analysis

Identify recurring questions, keywords, and other patterns over time. Conduct root cause analysis to enhance your understanding and develop a more strategic approach.

Thumb for marketing leaders

custom datasets

Improve support with relevant Q&A data

Website FAQ

Understand what information customers are looking for. Pinpoint recurrent questions across forums and support tickets to enhance product-related FAQ.

Chatbot Training

Enhance service quality with effective chatbot support. Use Thumb to filter the top questions and answers related to various product topics, in order to refine and train your own question-answering model.

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