Thumb For Customer Support

Improve CSAT Score

Track and coach agents effectively. Gain insights on customer feedback and improve rep performance with conversational analytics.

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Onboard agents faster

Onboard new hires effectively with centralized best practices. Add your customer support playbook to Thumb to facilitate learning.

Ensure success with on-screen playbook assistance during customer interactions.

Track service quality

Review agent performance with Thumb’s Intercom, Zoom, and Google Meet integrations.

Get automated recordings, transcriptions, and summaries of all customer interactions to monitor service execution.

Monitor customer feedback

Use Thumb to ingest and analyze your customer. interactions. Track top complaints, requests, and testimonials in the past months to improve strategy.

Understand more with context analysis and create appropriate follow-up actions.

Improve team performance

Share sections from customer interactions on Slack. Give feedback and highlight top agent talk tracks to improve your team’s performance.

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