Team Feedback

Coach your team to success. Share valuable insights with cross-functional teams to boost growth.

Team Coaching

Improve execution

Coach reps on the go with continuous Slack feedback.

Performance Feedback

Share snippets of customer-facing meetings and give feedback to improve approach.

Top Track Highlights

Share top-performing reps' tracks to improve execution and replicate success.

Cross-functional Insights

Foster continuous growth

Share valuable prospect and customer data with other teams to align strategy and promote growth.

Marketing Insights

Share trending pain points or prospect insights to improve MQL.

Product Insights

Send direct customer feedback and competitor insights to improve product roadmap and product-led growth.


Summarize meetings in seconds

Get automated summaries of your interactions with Thumb.

Instant Recap

Reduce time summarizing calls. Sum up conversations instantly in with AI generated notes.

Added Context

Add more notes to your summaries. Bookmark other important meeting snippets to provide more context to your summarized conversations.

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