Thumb For Sales Leaders

Accelerate revenue growth

Boost sales performance and improve marketing and product teams' output with Thumb. Try early access today and start scaling revenue growth with Thumb.

Optimize sales strategy

Gain insights on your prospects, your product, and your competitors with conversational analytics.Identify trending objections and pain points to improve sales approach with Thumb.

Automate workflows

Review sales conversations efficiently. Receive automatic alerts about your customer interactions on Slack.

Streamline CRM data entry

Sync meeting notes, MEDDIC/BANT qualification questions, and other custom data fields to your CRM with Thumb.

Thumb conversational analytics suite

Boost lead quality

Align data about prospects’ goals and needs with Marketing to improve lead quality and demand generation.

Stay ahead of the market

What are your prospects or customers saying about your product? Share valuable feedback with the Product team to build a market-leading solution.

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