Call Log

Record, transcribe, and summarise interactions automatically.


Review tone and script delivery

Assess customer reactions or sales approach during calls with audio playback.

Call Playback

Review rep's performance with audio playbook. Listen to tone and script communication to boost execution.

Audio Speed

Go through calls efficiently with audio speed. Playback conversations faster or slower to save time or carefully understand context..


Check timestamps to review important moments during calls.


Recall conversations in depth

View the full context of your calls with Thumb's transcriptions.

Detailed Transcription

Track conversations from start to finish. Analyze context in depth with detailed meeting transcription.

Filters & Search

Uncover potential renewal, up-sell or cross-sell opportunities with filters and keyword search.


Summarize meetings in seconds

Get automated summaries of your interactions with Thumb.

Instant Recap

Reduce time summarizing calls. Sum up conversations instantly in with AI generated notes.

Added Context

Add more notes to your summaries. Bookmark other important meeting snippets to provide more context to your summarized conversations.

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