Thumb For Sales Managers

Boost Sales Performance

Coach reps more effectively. Gain strategic insights, optimize best practices and share feedback with your team.

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Improve sales strategy

Gain insights into trending objections, pricing sentiment, and more to improve sales approach. Update best practices to keep reps responsive to customer needs and ahead of the competition.

Onboard new hires effectively

Train new reps faster with centralized best practices. Use Thumb’s Playbooks to spread winning plays and scripts to your team. Ensure repeated success with on-screen playbook assistance during calls.

Track sales execution

Review rep performance with Thumb’s automated recordings, transcriptions, and summaries.

Reduce performance gaps by surfacing talk tracks top reps use and propagating them with your team.

Share feedback seamlessly

Share sections from customer interactions on Slack. Give feedback and highlight successful interactions to improve your team’s performance.

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