Thumb For Customer Success

Grow customer accounts

Gain insights into customer conversations and maximize renewal, upsell or cross-sell opportunities with conversational analytics.

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Onboard new customers effectively

Improve customer onboarding. Add your sales playbook to Thumb and follow on-screen best practices to maximize success.

Track renewal, upsell or cross-sell opportunities

Get automatic recordings, transcriptions, and summaries of your sales interactions with Thumb.

Uncover potential renewal, upsell or cross-sell opportunities with keyword search. Sync data to CRM to manage next steps easily.

Monitor customer feedback

Learn what customers are saying about your solutions. Use Thumb analytics to identify top feedback in the past months to reduce churn.

Go in-depth with context analysis and create appropriate follow-up actions.

Increase customer satisfaction

Share top feature requests with the Product team on Slack to improve PLG. Collaborate with PMs to assess priorities and implement key features to increase customer retention.

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