Thumb For AEs & SDRs

Reach sales quota faster

Reduce time managing leads. Gain insights on prospects and close deals faster with conversational analytics.

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Track trending objections

Identify recurrent objections and understand the context behind them with conversational data.

Visit Thumb dashboard after your calls and analyze top objections in the past months to improve strategy.

Follow best practices

Qualify leads effectively. Add your sales playbook to Thumb and follow on-screen best practices to reduce missed opportunities.

Analyze sales interactions

Recall meeting data more efficiently. Get automatic recordings, transcriptions, and summaries of your sales interactions with Thumb.

Get in-depth grasp with keyword search.

Update CRM in seconds

Reduce time updating CRM and focus on what matters most: selling.

Add Thumb to your calls and get automated meeting notes or field entries synced to your CRM in seconds.

Receive active feedback from your team

Ask for feedback on Slack. Send meeting notes or important prospect information to your team with Thumb.

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